Conference Information

Conference Information


What are the fees?
To attend the AJBS conference your membership in AJBS (you must be a member of AJBS and AIB) needs to be active.  If your membership expires within a month of the conference, please renew it.  You can do this conveniently when you register for the conference. AIB and AJBS are separate entities and have separate membership requirements, but registration is handled through AIB.

Late fees are assessed by both AIB and AJBS after May 15.  Online registration begins February 1 and ends June 11.

Fees are as follows:
before May 15: $130 regular member / $65 Student/Low-Income
May 16 - June 11: $155 regular member / $90 Student/Low-Income
on-site: $205 regular member / $140 Student/Low-Income

Is there an early registration discount?
AJBS does not give a discount for early registration, but AIB does. 

What is the date of the conference?
June 24-25, 2018

Where is the conference being held?
The conference hotel is the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, MN, USA.  Click here for hotel registration and other information.

Do I have to attend AIB to attend AJBS?
We have an arrangement with AIB that enables us to continue to offer conferences.   Registrations are handled through AIB.

I've registered for AIB, but want to add AJBS.  How do I do that?
If you neglected to pay the AJBS conference fee with your AIB registration, you may pay that here until June 11.